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Grandparents Scams

Beware of Scams and Fraud Schemes

                                                                                                                By Beverly Shaffer, Consumer Services Chair

            Detective James Calaski of the Glen Rock Police held an informative fraud protection workshop at the Glen Rock Borough Hall recently.

During this workshop, Detective Calaski warned Senior Citizens about active scams targeting grandparents.  He told his audience to be alert to calls from anyone claiming to be a relative in distress or claiming to have a relative who was in serious difficulty, needing money wired to them immediately. He advised his audience to get a call back number, if possible, hang up and call someone who could verify the whereabouts of the individual in distress and call the police.

            Scammers posing as grandchildren or other relatives should be asked a question to which only family members would know the answer.  Key “red flags” that a call is a scam might be the following:

            1. Request to wire money.

            2. Scammers posing as a grandchild or other relative using illness or a poor connection as the reason the voice sounds different.

            3.Scammers posing as a grandchild asking, “Please don’t tell Mom and Dad.”

            Detective Calaski cautioned his audience not to think these kinds of things won’t happen in their community because every example he gave had happened to someone in Glen Rock.

            If you would like to view the question and answer session on scammers, it will be aired on FIOS channel 32 and Optimum Cablevision Channel 77.  The Power Point presentation by Detective Calaski will also soon be posted on the Glen Rock (GRPD) and municipal web sites.


Elections Committee Report

                                By Sandra Eck, Elections Chairperson


     At the May meeting we will be electing the following officers:  President, Vice President and 2nd Vice Presidet

     Please remember that in order to vote, you must be a member of BCREA.

     If anyone has input before the meeting please contact one of the officers or myself.

Sande Eck     201 387 7719


            The nominating committee is looking for new members.  To volunteer or just to give input on the election contact:

                                                                                                                Sandra Eck

                                                                                                                30 Dunn Place

                                                                                                                Dumont, NJ

                                                                                                                201 387 7719

Governor Makes Appointments to His Pension and Health BenefitsCommittee

            Nine members were appointed on August 8th by Governor Christie to issue recommendations in a report to the Governor with the following considerations:

1.                     Estimates of future benefit payments, expenses, investment returns, funded status and funding requirements of pension and health benefits system; impact on state budget.

2.                     Examine competitiveness of pension programs

3.                     Constructional, legislative regulatory actions for implementation of proposed changes.



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