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BCREA Members: Call to Action

            Thanks to all who faithfully renew NJREA/BCREA membership.  There is still a contingent of NJREA Life Members who are not county members; each year more of them realize the importance of receiving our newsletter and participating on a county level.

            We know our efforts to increase membership are effective when they translate into continuous political action.

            I admit my last trip to Trenton to intercept legislators as they arrived at the State House did me in.  My old knees are just not willing to stand for any length of time.  Phone calls and EMails require minimal effort - one way I can oppose every action that undermines my pension and benefits and help elect legislators who understand and support public retirees.

            On a recent call to the governors’s office I was surprised to speak to a real person.  I didn’t get through to Chris, but I did up the total number of phone calls. Constituent feedback counts and numbers get reported - most especially in this election year!

Martha  Anderson - Linda DiMuro - Membership Co-chairs


                NJREA now represents 27,238 retired members, a formidable block of advocates for public education.  Bergen County accounts for 10% of NJREA members!

                Membership applications for annual retirees have been mailed in May with a renewal deadline of August 1st.  State and County dues for support staff remains the same at $64.00: Membership dues for professional staff will increase by one dollar to $89.00.  A Life Membership Option is available for support staff at $860.00 and $1,235.00 for professional staff, payable in  full or in 3 payments during the membership year.

                I mailed BCREA renewal letters early in June to associate members, members from other counties and NJREA Life Members who pay $10.00 county dues annually. I thank all of you who make it a priority to follow up with a dues payment as soon as you receive the renewal letter.  Retirees often ask why dues collected in May or June but NJREA cards are not received until late September or October.  The first run of membership cards is processed the first Friday in September.  From that date on retirees can print a temporary card on the NJEA website to use until the official membership card is received.

                NJEA sends an application to new retirees as soon as they are notified of a retirement date, and I send an invitation to become a BCREA member.  You can refer prospective members to the NJEA website where they can enroll online.  Our membership continues to grow, and we welcome new retirees to our luncheon meetings.

Martha Anderson



                Remember you can update any changes in your contact information through www.njea.org or by email to

manderson19@mac.com My mailing address and phone number are listed below.

                We gain new retirees each membership year; we also lose track of BCREA members.  You can help us locate these retirees; check this list for former colleagues or friends.  Any new information can lead me to their current addresses.

Jesse Boerger                        William Grant

Viola Conroy                        Theresa Lucas

Amy De Lauro                     Anna Mae Mills

Alfred Di Nola                      Henry Peper

Helen Dumphey                  Theresa Pullets

Norman Fink                        John Scullion

Carlton Frost                        Madeline Strehan

George Thomas

                Many thanks to all of you who are helping me track down missing BCREA members.  It’s important that NJEA have correct information in the member database to ensure every member receives all benefits.

Martha Anderson

5 Stillo Drive

Airmont, NY 10952-4148

845 499 1870


Membership: Unification brings change.


                Ex NJREA President Roe Jankowski’s message bears repeating.  “The decision to make NJREA a unified association brings together county and state membership in the belief that none of us is as strong as ALL of us.

                The process of unification means changes for BCREA.  Retirees are now members of both NJREA and BCREA, and membership dues are collected by NJEA.  Lifetime members of either association retain their membership privileges; they are highly encouraged, but not required to join the other association.

                The biggest impact is for BCREA members who are not members of NJREA.  You will be billed separately for both NJREA and BCREA in September, Understand that if you have paid county dues annually and choose NOT to join NJREA you will no longer be eligible for membership in BCREA.  Bergen County Retirees’ Education Association luncheons are open only to members and their wives, husbands or significant others.  This newsletter will be our last chance to communicate county news to you.

                Some time ago we abolished the BCREA Associate member category.  All current Associate Members can participate in BCREA activities.  They will be mailed a dues renewal form to continue membership.

                I can anticipate many “bumps” before membership lists are completely accurate so I ask for your patience during this transition year.  We don’t intentionally plan to drop any current BCREA members, and I will try to resolve any discrepancies as they come to my attention during the year.


                 Newly Retired Personnel can get an application for NJEA-R and BCREA at 609-599-4561 and ask for membership or print out this form




Click the banner below for extensive benefit resources


Also log on to www.NJEA.org.  You will need to use your pin or e-mail address as the ID and lst four digits of your Social Security number as your password followed by a click under “member benefits.”  You will find here opportunities to save money and increase your buying power.

Four separate screens can be found relating to :

                Insurance and Financial Information

                Travel and Leisure Time Opportunities

                Special Offers

                Monthly Give Aways for NJEA and NEA

                If you find yourself somewhat intimidated by the computer visit www.seniornet.org.  For guaranteed lower prices in NY, NJ, CT and PA visit www.buyersedgeinv.com.


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