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Election News

Meet Phil Murphy

Oct 11, 2017


NJEA/BCEA Endorsed Candidates


Tuesday, 7 Nov 17


Phil Murphy

Bergen County Freeholder

Joan Voss

District 36

Senate - Paul Sarlo (D)

Assembly - Gary Schaer (D)

Assembly - Marlene Caride (D)

District 37

Senate - Loretta Weinberg (D)

Assembly - Valerie Huttle (D)

Assembly - Gordon Johnson (D)

District 38

Senate - Robert Gordon (D)

Assembly - Timothy Eustace (D)

Assembly - Joe Lagana (D)

District 39

Senate - Linda Schwager (D)

Assembly - Jannie Chung (D)

Assembly - Annie Hausmann (D)

President's Report

Camille Coppa

With the beginning of 2017, there is a great deal that concerns us, especially nationally with the election of Donald Trump and the confirmation of Betsy De Vos as Education Secretary.  In an article in the New York Times, De Vos was quoted as “vigorously defending her work steering taxpayers’ dollars from traditional public schools, arguing that it was time to move away toward newer models for students from preschool to college.”
Senator Bernie Sanders asked De Vos outright if she would have gotten the job had it not been for her family’s political contributions?
At the same time, Senator Patty Murray (D- WA) said she was extremely disappointed that De Vos had not finalized her financial and ethics disclosures ahead of the hearing. Murray further asked De Vos point blank to pledge that she would not seek to privatize public schools or take money away from them.
In USA Today, De Vos addressed her advocacy of school choice and vouchers head on saying the notion needs to shift from what the system thinks is best for kids to what parents want, expect, and deserve.  Democrats and teachers’ unions have loudly denounced De Vos’s nomination arguing that her vocal support of vouchers and school choice programs could undermine public schools. Even though we are retired, there is much to concern us now and in the future of our public schools.  Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced a bill that would ask the top 1.6 % of wage earners to pay their fair share into Social Security, allowing it to expand benefits for everyone.
The Republican - controlled Congress is set on destroying Social Security.  We can destroy Social Security or we can increase benefits and pay for it by making every millionaire and billionaire pay their fair share.  That’s what Sanders’s bill does. It is necessary for every Democrat in Congress to stand up to protect and expand our earned benefits. Millionaires and billionaires stopped paying into Social Security because they reached their payroll cap of $127,200.  We should all stand with Senator Bernie Sanders in demanding that the very wealthy pay their fair share.
NJEA has endorsed Phil Murphy in the primaries for Governor.  Governor Chris Christie, Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno, and Assemblyman John Wisniewski have all launched false, negative attacks against Phil Murphy.  They and their special interest backers are desperate at the thought of losing power.
I think we all have had enough with Trump- style campaign tactics.  The grassroots campaign has what it takes to show that Democrats across the nation are standing up for what they believe.
Phil Murphy appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews to discuss how important it is to bring progressive change to New Jersey, especially after both the recent election of President Trump and years of mismanagement from Governor Christie.
After Phil laid out his vision to reclaim our state as a driver of innovation, reliable infrastructure, and economic growth to rebuild the middle class, Chris Matthews said, “You’re a real Democrat…none of this hyphenated stuff.”
Go to the polls and get out the vote for Murphy. 
As you can see, we are trying to do everything that we can to protect our livelihoods.  You can help by joining NJREA and BCREA.  You can become active participants by holding legislators’ feet to the fire through e-mails, letters to the editor, and direct contact with those same legislators.  I urge you to become familiar with the NJEA/NJREA website  It is our primary source of information and calls to action. 
Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.  Stand up and be counted. 


New Prescription Plan as of 1 Jan 2018

As of this date the State Health Benefits Plan will change to OptumRx.  Some of the details are still being worked out and more information will be sent to you. For the time being, if you scroll through the following web pages, you will find the most up to date information available. You can look for updates on the NJEA website or the State Pensions web site below.    Stay tuned.

Some information can be found by logging on to the State Pensions website at:

Then in the Information For... box on the left click on:

Health Benefits Program Members

At the top left of this page, select :

SHBP/SEHBP for Active Employees or Employers

On this page, select:

Prescription Drug Plans

Click on:

OptumRx for website for members

For a partial list of covered pharmaceuticals, click on:

Medicare Part D Formulary

Scroll to the end for the partial list of drugs


Reimbursement Forms: Click on form needed to get a printable version



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12 Dec 2017


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                NJEA Disability and NEA Life Insurance  609-704-1365

                Optical Academy  800-530-2730

                NEA Member Benefits  National Programs  800-637-4636

                Deborah Heart and Lung Center  (for NJEA members seeking services) 609-893-1200 ext 5843,  General Info 800-555-1990

State Health Benefit Plan Information

                If you have any questions, may contact plan providers either by phone or by website:

                NJ Direct 10 & NJ Direct 15    800-414-7427

                Aetna HMO    877-782-8365 Also 866-234-3129

                Cigna Healthcare HMO    800-564-7642

                    Unified Provider Directory    Health Benefits Plan list of participating Hospitals and Doctors

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                    How to Contact your US House Representatives

                Social Security online

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              Division of Pensions

                    Interactive Voice Activated System   609-777-1777

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                 Newly Retired Personnel can get an application for NJEA-R and BCREA at 609-599-4561  then "Ask for Membership"

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Stay informed, Receive updates, Stand united, Speak out

NJEA members can stay ahead of the curve on the issues that relate to them. You can get the information as text messages on your phone.

Sign up for text messages by texting the word UNITY to 738674


Do all this and more at:

                The Take Action webpage is accessible only to members by going directly to action

                Log in with your pin found on your membership card or the e-mail address you have registered with NJEA. 

Your password is the last four digits of your Social Security number.

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Contribute to NJEA-PAC

Support NJEA in their fight to support you and all retirees

Make checks out to NJEA-PAC and send to:

NJEA, c/o Beneficial Bank

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Philadelphia, PA 19101-3661


The Bergen County Wellness Discount Program was formed to provide a way to reduce the medical costs for you and your family.  This free program is open to all residents of Bergen County and the State of New Jersey.  There are no age or income requirements.

The Wellness Discount Program includes discounts on the following:

                Prescription Drugs

                Hearing Exams and Hearing Aids

                Vision Exams, Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses and Lasik Eye Surgery

                Dental Care

                Diabetic Supplies


This Discount Program is not insurance.  For further information on the program, visit or call 201 336 6405.


HealthCare Assistance with Member Support

Provides all union members and their families with CONFIDENTIAL support for:

Treating Stress Related Conditions

Drug and Alcohol Dependency

Prescription Medication Dependency

Progressive Workplace Discipline

Assisting in DUI Cases

No cost Union Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offering confidential Job Protective Assistance including Crisis Situations and Intervention Services at no cost.


800 Easton Road

Willow Grove, PA 19090



BCREA Web Site News

             BCREA is going high tech with our own web site which is called BCREAOnLine, with a web address of:   BCREA member William (Bill) Molnar is chairing the web site committee and is experienced in developing web sites.  Bill taught Physics and Chemistry  for 38 years at River Dell High School in Oradell. He also taught an AP course in Environmental Science. Bill made extensive use of award winning course web sites he developed for his teaching,

                The web site committee members are Paul Richert, Mee Lon Yee and Ruth Kerr. BCREA  members will be able to find out about officers and committee chairpersons, check on dates, legislative events and travel tours offered by BCREA by using their computer.  The possibilities are endless. Stay tuned!

                 If you have any suggestions or comments about the web site you can e-mail Bill at:

This web site was created using 100% recycled electrons

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