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Vote on November 8, 2016


NJEA, BCEA and BCREA Endorse the Following


National Election

For President: Hillary Clinton (D)


Congressional District 5: Josh Gottheimer (D)

Congressional District 9: Bill Pascrell Jr. (D)


Bergen County Sheriff

Michael Saudino (D)


Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders

Thomas Sullivan (D)

Mary Amoroso (D)

Germaine Ortiz (D)


Meet the Candidates

Josh Gottheimer at:

Esther Fletcher's Home

780 Oak Ave

River Edge, NJ 07661

RSPV at: 201-262-3934

Sunday September 18th from 3 to 5 p.m.

(Refreshments will be served)


Bill Pascrell at:

His Headquarters

75 Union Ave


For more information call:


Saturday September 17 from 12 Noon

(Refreshments will be served)


President's Message 

                                                                                                                 by Camille M. Coppa

                    Greetings to all!  Spring is finally here.  I hope the snowy winter wasnít too hard on all of you.  Here in our state there are always events that need our attention.  Please bear with me!

                First the impending and fiscal health of the pensions.  The Pension and Benefit Reform Commission was to come up with a way to provide reliable benefits and pensions that can be afforded by the state and at the same time our public employees can count on.  The commissions work was essential because the state has for many years failed to completely fund the pension system, which has had a detrimental effect on all public employees.  The commissionsís task was made more difficulty by not adhering to the 2011pension funding law which the Governor signed.  NJEA has given input to the commission even though there are many things NJEA  disagrees with.

                The Commissionsís report was worthy, but some of what was proposed is not possible. Once again it is unfair and again puts a burden on our public employees and retirees.  Our association ,NJEA, will be working with all concerned to try to fix all the problems the state has thrust upon us, and at the same time protect our membersĎ pensions and and health benefits.

                The decision by Judge Jacabson was clear that Governor Christie and the State have a legal obligation to fund the pension with the law he signed in 2011.  The state created the crisis we are in and itís time the Governor does the right thing and fund the pension systems.  Again he has reneged.

                The Supreme Court ruled in favor of NJEA and our sister state public employee unions on our challenge of the governorís violation of the pension funding law this year.

                Sean Spiller, NJEA Secretary/Treasurer, and liaison to the NJREA commented that the NJEA will continue to push forward to make Governor Christie make a court ordered $1.6 billion  payment in our public pension system .  The obligation must be met. The system needs to be funded, that is the obligation all our members signed on when the law was passed and the the administration signed on in passing the law.  Governor Christie says he will spend the summer touring the state to talk up his changes to the pension and health benefits of New Jersey public workers and retirees.

            NjEA has not signed an agreement with the state and has not agreed to any changes to pension and health benefits for active or retired members.  A memo was signed by NJEA with representatives of the New Jersey Pension andHealth Benefit Study Commission .  The memo makes it clear the two sides will continue to talk beyond the release of the commissionís report.  The memo is clear that neither side has the power to make decisions for the parties they represent.

                We are trying to do everything that we can to protect our livelihoods.  You can help by joining the NJREA and BCREA , become active participants by holding the legislators to the task they were elected to do.  You can help by becoming familiar with the NJEA/  NJREA website -

Finally, thank you to all members for what you so.  I will do my best to assist all of our BCREA members.

These are the times that try menís souls.

                           Quote:  Thomas Paine

Camille M. Coppa - President - BCREA

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13 Dec 2016


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The Bergen County Wellness Discount Program was formed to provide a way to reduce the medical costs for you and your family.  This free program is open to all residents of Bergen County and the State of New Jersey.  There are no age or income requirements.

The Wellness Discount Program includes discounts on the following:

                Prescription Drugs

                Hearing Exams and Hearing Aids

                Vision Exams, Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses and Lasik Eye Surgery

                Dental Care

                Diabetic Supplies


This Discount Program is not insurance.  For further information on the program, visit or call 201 336 6405.


BCREA Web Site News

             BCREA is going high tech with our own web site which is called BCREAOnLine, with a web address of:   BCREA member William (Bill) Molnar is chairing the web site committee and is experienced in developing web sites.  Bill taught Physics and Chemistry for 38 years at River Dell High School in Oradell. He also taught an AP course in Environmental Science. Bill made extensive use of award winning course web sites he developed for his teaching,

                The web site committee members are Paul Richert, Mee Lon Yee and Ruth Kerr. BCREA  members will be able to find out about officers and committee chairpersons, check on dates, legislative events and travel tours offered by BCREA by using their computer.  The possibilities are endless. Stay tuned!

                 If you have any suggestions or comments about the web site you can e-mail Bill at:

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