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  Presidents Message

 by Camille Coppa

            I hope you had a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable summer.  I was a delegate to the NEA Retired Meeting in Washington, DC and the 95th /Representative Assembly  (RA) at the Walter E Washington Convention Center       Hilary Clinton’s address was among the most uplifting speeches she has given thus far as she campaigns for the presidency.   The presumptive Democratic nominee was straight forward in clearly stating a vision of opportunity for American students regardless of where they live. “I want to say from the outset that I am with you, “said Clinton. “and if I’m fortunate enough to be elected president, education will have a partner in the White House - and you will always have a seat at the table, because I have this idea that when we’re making decisions about education we should actually listen to the educators.  It meant so much to know that the NEA had my back in the primary.  And today I’m asking for for your support in the general election”   Clinton will reduce the role of standardized tests in public education because she agrees with educators that no test can measure a student’s curiosity.

            The delegates at the convention sent postcards, made phone calls and identified family and friends who we will be able to convince to vote yes on our amendment come November 8.   A grand total of 2, 673 postcards were sent to fellow NJEA members.  Each as a reminder to vote yes on the constitutional amendment to fully fund our pension.

            Once again  as-we all work together for our pensions, Senate President Stephen Sweeney issued the following: A Ballot question to mandate more funding for New Jersey’s troubled pension system costing an estimated $20 billion over five years is all but dead this year. “I am not going to bend to public union leaders,  Sweeney said at a State House news conference .” Senate President  Stephen Sweeney has betrayed every New Jersey public employee” said Wendell Steinhauer. “ His excuses , rationalizations and shifting positions don’t change the fundamental fact that he lied” 

Once again we as public employees have done our part.  We never missed a pension payment.  We never waited until the end of the year and then decided not to pay.

            There are many challenges before us and they will still be there after the November election.  You can keep informed by going on line ( and by reading the information given by NJEA and NJREA.  Our obligation is to elect those who support us for after the election many obstacles we encounter will  still be there.

            In closing a happy, healthy and peaceful Autumn to you and your families.

Remember:United We Stand Divided We Fall  

Camille M Coppa President BCREA

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The Bergen County Wellness Discount Program was formed to provide a way to reduce the medical costs for you and your family.  This free program is open to all residents of Bergen County and the State of New Jersey.  There are no age or income requirements.

The Wellness Discount Program includes discounts on the following:

                Prescription Drugs

                Hearing Exams and Hearing Aids

                Vision Exams, Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses and Lasik Eye Surgery

                Dental Care

                Diabetic Supplies


This Discount Program is not insurance.  For further information on the program, visit or call 201 336 6405.


BCREA Web Site News

             BCREA is going high tech with our own web site which is called BCREAOnLine, with a web address of:   BCREA member William (Bill) Molnar is chairing the web site committee and is experienced in developing web sites.  Bill taught Physics and Chemistry for 38 years at River Dell High School in Oradell. He also taught an AP course in Environmental Science. Bill made extensive use of award winning course web sites he developed for his teaching,

                The web site committee members are Paul Richert, Mee Lon Yee and Ruth Kerr. BCREA  members will be able to find out about officers and committee chairpersons, check on dates, legislative events and travel tours offered by BCREA by using their computer.  The possibilities are endless. Stay tuned!

                 If you have any suggestions or comments about the web site you can e-mail Bill at:

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